Our Mission

The Partnership Transportation Management Association of Montgomery County (PTMA) is a non-profit 501c3 organization that works with local businesses, municipalities, school districts and other non-profit organizations to help reduce traffic congestion, increase mobility and access to work and educate children and adults on the issues of land use, transportation, the environment and healthy lifestyles.

The PTMA receives funding from a variety of sources including PennDOT, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, membership dues, in-kind contributions and payment for services rendered.

Do Employers Benefit from PTMA Programs?

A variety of programs are available for businesses. Custom-designed programs can also be developed to meet a company's specifications. The following are some highlights of successful existing programs available through PTMA membership:

  • Mobility Hotline Access
  • RideShare Programs
  • SEPTA Route Information
  • Shuttle Bus Coordination
  • Emergency Ride Home
  • Healthy Lifestyle Expos, Centers and Speakers
  • Transit Promotion Programs
  • Bike to Work Day

What Other Programs Are Available?

Other programs are designed specifically for municipalities, non-profit organizations and school districts. The following are some examples of those programs:

Municipal Programs

  • Award-winning Construction Coordination Program
  • Livable Community Workshops and Guide Books
  • Transportation Resources Guides
  • Municipal Shuttles
  • Support for roadway projects and liaison for regional efforts
  • Summer educational programs for children on land use, environment and transportation issues
  • Pedestrian Enhancement

 School Districts

  • Walking and Biking Promotional Presentations
  • City Leadership Program
  • Walk Our Children to School Day

Transportation issues are a vital part of our future. Membership in The Partnership TMA ensures that you, your company and your community will be up to date on the latest in transportation information. To find our more about any of our programs and to sign up for membership, please contact The Partnership TMA office at 215-997-9100.

The Partnership TMA Staff

Jacqui Baxter-Rollins, Executive Director

Annette Jacobs, Office Supports Coordinator

Anthony Johnson, Deputy Director



A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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