Biking - A Transportation Option AND A Great Way To Exercise

On the news this morning, the anchor was discussing the best way to get to work during the pandemic.  The answer - bike!  Now we at the PTMA have been promoting biking for years.  In fact we operate eight bike shares throughout our region.  And we host Bike to Work educational programs at businesses who would like to promote it.  For the younger generation, we have our "I Love You and Your Brain Too" bike helmet safety program where we give away free bike helmets to children in kindergarten through 8th grade.  But as we began to gear up for our bike share season - COVID-19 happened. 

If you are in our region, you know that transportation is a challenge in the best of times.  Now with SEPTA being on such a limited schedule, it has become even more frustrating.  So biking and walking, besides working remotely, have become the transportation options.  But in order to make sure the community remains safe, we had to make some changes. 

We knew that people wanted bikes - whether to get to work or just for exercise.  So we offered our cruiser style bikes to employees or individuals recommended from nonprofits for free on a temporary basis.  In order to avoid contamination, the recipient would have sole usage of that bike until the PTMA’s bike shares have deemed it safe to open to the public.  The recipient would have to sign the PTMA’s usage wavier, obey all the rules of the road, be the only rider of the bike, lock the bike when not in use, be responsible for the bike and wear a bike helmet.  If the recipient does not have a bike helmet, the PTMA will provide them with one – free of charge.   As mentioned, the agency or employer would need to request the bike on behalf of their employee or client and keep their name, address, telephone and email on file along with the date the bike was checked out. 

A major complaint we hear about riding a bike to work is that there is so much traffic on the roads.  Well right now there is a lot less traffic, so it is a good time to try it out.  Even better, Montgomery County has just released an app that identifies the best streets to walk, jog, run and bike.  You can find it at

In order to encourage those that have never thought about biking to work, the PTMA is running a virtual Bike to Work Contest.  Individuals can sign up through email ( or Facebook and ride their bike (stationary or regular) the same distance that it would take them to bike to work.  They can do it for a day, a week or the whole month.  Everyone gets a dogtag metal for participating and the individual that rides the furthest wins a $50 gift card to their favorite bike shop.  

So it looks like it is time to brush off that bike, maybe add a bell, light or a basket and hit the road!


Communication is the Key

We have had to learn a variety of new ways to communicate during these past several weeks.  From conference calls to teleconferencing, it has been challenging for some and exciting for others.  At the same time you have had to do virtual learning with your children, another piece of the technology world that you may not have dealt with before.  None of this is easy, but staying connected and communicating during these challenging times is important for everyones' sanity.

Over the past few weeks, I am sure that you have participated in several teleconferencing meetings, whether it be for business or to connect with family members.  But it is extremely important and can save you a lot of embarassment when you remember that if you have an audio and video link – We Can See You!  So if you get up to adjust your pants or make silly faces at the dog – everyone on that call will see it. That goes for hearing you too.  If you are eating and drinking – we can hear it.  Or if you are talking about other family members, when they too are on the call – we can hear that.  Be sure to mute your microphone if you are not speaking in order to avoid an embarrassing situation.  If you are hosting the meeting, try to keep the interaction to one hour or less.  After that it can become challenging to focus on the screen and can cause headaches and eye strain.


                      • Don’t expect an immediate response on everything.  You may be thinking, “I just emailed them and I know they are working from home – why haven’t they emailed me back?”  But just like in the office, there will be times when your employee is working on a project or your employer is on a 2 hour meeting and is not tracking their emails on the screen.  Relax – they will get back to you.
        • I have never been a micromanager.  Throughout the years, I have hired individuals that are able to work on their own, sometimes with little or no direction.  But you may feel the need to check in on your employees or maybe your employees feel the need to check in with you.  Try to find the balance that will work the best for you.  Is it emails throughout the week and a conference call on Monday?  Or is it daily check-ins? Select a plan that makes everyone comfortable.

          As always, communication is the key, but we are having to explore such different methods of communication now.  As with everything these days, it will take our patience and time but we will get there!

          Peggy Schmidt

          Executive Director

          The use of technology can be daunting and frustrating.  Each one of us has different computer equipment and different technological capabilities. If you are not sure of what you are doing, it can be frustrating and cause additional stress.  After several Zoom meetings, I still could not figure out why I did not have a picture on the screen but did have it on my IPad.  Then I realized that I do not have a camera on my work laptop. I know someone that can not access Zoom on either their computer or phone.  She was extremely upset because she was missing valuable meetings.  But we worked on an alternative option for her - a call in number so she will be able to join us.  Not everyone has used this type of technology before, so patience is an absolute key here. 

    • When I am on the phone for business, I want to get right to it.  I try to be respectful of the other person's time and limit the amount of personal "chit-chat".  But these days you really should try  to have a little personal information exchange – “How are you doing?” “How are your kids handling home schooling?” This acknowledgement that this is a stressful time will help get us through it .

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