Bike Helmet Safety Program - I Love You and Your Brain Too

In 2000, 62.6% of bicycle fatalities among children and youth, 0 to 19, were caused by head injuries.  Those injuries could have been prevented if they were wearing a bike helmet.

 In a recent survey of children and parents in the North Penn area reasons given for not wearing a bike helmet included: children did not need one when they are riding on the sidewalk or in the driveway; they did not know it was the law for children under twelve to wear a helmet and the helmet did not fit anymore.  But the most disconcerting reason was that parents could not afford to purchase a helmet. 

Over the past several years, the Partnership Transportation Management Association of Montgomery County (PTMA) has offered a bike helmet safety program entitled, “I Love You and Your Brain Too” at schools and municipal events.  During these programs the PTMA has provided bike helmet fittings, information and demonstrations on the reason to wear a helmet, raffles for free bike helmets and the sales of helmets at  significantly lower cost.

The program was so successful that PTMA is looking to grow its efforts in bike helmet safety. We are expanding our outreach and events where we can talk about bike safety and distribute free bike helmets. Please join the following sponsors: Ring Consulting Group, Moyer Indoor/Outdoor, UNIVEST, Bergman Engineering, Giant, Abington Jefferson Health and Hatfield Borough in reaching our goal of  distributing 300 helmets in 2020.  Will you help us?  There are numerous types of sponsorship available. To become a sponsor, select your sponsor catagory and email us at

Sponsorships Available

  • Happy Helmet, Happy Head - $400 provides funding for 50 helmets

Includes opportunity to place a logo sticker on back of helmet; recognition at events, in social media and other PTMA media including radio, website, monthly newsletter and weekly roadwork update

  • Helmets Up- $200 provides funding for 25 helmets

Includes recognition at events, in social media and other PTMA media including website and monthly newsletter

  • Hip Helmets - $100 provides funding for 12 helmets

Includes recognition at events and in social media



A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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