Free Bike Share Program

The Partnership TMA operates a free bike-share program in several locations throughout Montgomery County.  Bikes are placed at a variety of businesses and agencies so residents are able to move about the community without the use of an automobile.  The cruiser-style bikes (and trikes) are even equipped with bells and have baskets available for added safety and convenience.  

While there is no charge to use the bikes, The Partnership TMA does require users to show a valid state-issued photo ID and sign a waiver stating they will wear a helmet and obey the rules of the road at all times.    Adult and toddler helmets are available for a deeply discounted $13.00.  

*Anyone under the age of 18 is welcome to participate but must have a parent/guardian sign the waiver form.


Bike-share pods can be found at the following places (subject to change due to COVID-19):

Horsham Township Library, 435 Babylon Road, Horsham (Trike available)

Montgomery County Public Library, 350 Main Street, Red Hill 

Peter Becker Community, 801 Maple Avenue, Harleysville (residents and staff only)  (Trike available)

Indian Valley Public Library, 100 East Church Avenue, Telford

Lansdale Public Library, 301 Vine Street, Lansdale

Lansdale YMCA, 608 E. Main Street, Lansdale (members of the YMCA only) (Trike available)

North Wales Borough Hall, 300 School Street, North Wales  (Trike available)



Please contact The Mobility Hotline at 1-866-507-4857 (toll-free) or with any questions or to inquire about bike availability. 


A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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