Travel Training

Types of Programs

Each travel training experience is designed to accommodate a variety of participants and learning levels. The ideal group training is a series of 1/2 hour sessions concluding with a trip aboard the selected mode of transportation.   The program is interactive and designed to be fun and entertaining as well as informative.  A typical session would feature such topics as: how to read a schedule, how to board the bus, train, subway or Amtrak, how to use SEPTA Key or other forms of payment, how to exit at your stop, how to prepare for your trip and stranger awareness. Individual training programs, which focus on specific transportation challenges or direct route training, are available.  Travel training programs are available for students, individuals with disabilities, wheelchair users and seniors. 

 Sample Curriculum for Bus Unit for Students in grades 8 through 12

Segment 1 - Pedestrian Issues- Students will reinforce their knowledge of pedestrian safety skills by viewing the DVD “Stop, Look and Listen.” A review of transportation signage concludes the session.

Segment 2 - Students will learn to read a transit schedule and practice with a variety of schedules based on the learning levels of the students.  At the end of the session, students will learn where to access transportation information. including the SEPTA app.  They will also receive the Mobility Hotline Card – the toll free number that will help them plan their trip.

Segment 3Trip Preparation - Through pictures, students will learn how to identify a the appropriate bus stop.  They will review a variety of ways to pay for their trip including the new SEPTA Key.

Segment 4What happens if?  Students will work together to develop solutions to problems that might arise on their trip.  What do you do if someone bothers you on the bus? Do you run for a bus or train?  Do I stand in front of the bus in order to get the bus to stop?  Do I carry a lot of money with me?  What if I see a suspicious person or a package on the bus?

Segment 5 – Putting it all together - SEPTA/PART/Transnet will provide a bus so students can practice boarding a bus, learning to pay on the bus, pulling the chord etc.

Segment 6 – Optional - A bus trip to a popular destination such as the Montgomery Mall or a combination job interview and travel instruction program. 

Recent Travel Training Programs in Schools

The following schools In Montgomery County have participated in travel training programs:  North Penn High School, Jenkintown High School, Wissahickon High School, Pottstown High School, Upper Dublin High School, Cheltenham High School, Upper Merion High School, Upper Moreland High School, Springford High School, Hatboro/Horsham High School, Philadelphia Charter School, Springfield Township High School and Pathway School. 

Individualized programs can be developed. For more information call the Partnership TMA at 866-507-4857 or 215-997-9100.




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